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Friday, September 26, 2014

The Title Fight Winner Blog

The Title Fight Winner Blog
Treasure Moore Poetry, has retired and there is a New Improved Owner!  Please don't worry I didn't kidnap the founder of Treasure Moore Poetry!  I am the same Master to my Blog...I have changed and grew from a little sprout to a Jack of All Beanstalk trades of expression on the web.  What I am referring to is we have strong talents and are provided more within ourselves.  We keep developing and growing as individuals.  Our writing skills becomes better and it expands into another conscious part of our brains.  And No, I do not have split personalities.  I don't think?  lol
I do have another blog on the web.  It is called  If you would pay a quick visit.  You will notice I have grown in my art.  I will be spending more time here on this blog, my first baby.  It has been neglected for way too long!  I will be working on both equally, so there isn't any jealousy between the two blogs.
In the beginning, I was CLUELESS on how this blogging could transform into anything!  It took a long time to set it up...including AdSense.  I couldn't wrap my head around this new world of blogging.  It was NEW & Confusing...I had to have my husband help me set it up.  Thanks Baby!
Introducing my Blog's new title and web address.  It won the Fight!  Thank you for visiting...stay tuned for more developments! :D