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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Birthday Planning Idea Invitation

My Birthday Planning Idea Invitation:

My birthday is coming up on October 14th...and normally it wasn't anything special, like any other day.  It's wonderful if you have family and friends that surprise you with parties and gifts. Some people don't like Surprises...but it's the thought that counts behind the preparations and the tons of balloons!  When we were kids, that was the BEST!  The Fun doesn't have to End when your a child.  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with planning your own bash either!! 

Sometimes not everybody has even that luxury.  It can hurt others feelings too...if people forget, not on purpose but if no one says happy birthday.  Or how about never knowing your own birth date? ...I couldn't imagine how that feels!

Well I just decided for this blog entry is to create something for everyone. We might of never even met before...not yet, but I feel birthdays are extremely important, like many others. First things do have to come first! This is Dedicated to everyone on the Internet Land.  Happy Soon to be Birthday or Happy Belated or Happy Birthday because today is your birthday!!
I really hope you feel a little Special by reading this! Because you are even More Special than you realize! If you are interested in reading... I would like to share my birthday bash here on my blog.  Stay tuned for my upcoming Birthday I celebrate...your ALL invited to will be right here!  I wish everyone could be there face to face!!!  Wouldn't that be a Party!? 
Hugs & Love...Stay Cool!  ArtzyAngel