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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Poisoned by FDA Approved Artificial Sweetener, My Story

Poisoned by FDA Approved Artificial Sweetener, My Story

I wanted to share my experience, so more awareness is provided to everyone in the world!  Please be open-minded to what this poison approved from the "FDA" is allowing into our bodies and most importantly our children's bodies.  Yes, we do have the choice too.

 It was earlier this month and after dropping our son off to school.  We decided to grab some breakfast at "Burger King".  I ordered the same thing my husband ordered...except I ordered a coffee with artificial sweetener...not sugar...I asked for Splenda.  They provided me a generic version of Equal, but that was fine with me at the time.

I drained the coffee all and when...we got home to relax.  I was watching "Fat Actress", hilarious new comedy, that was new to me on "Showtime".  My eyes began to change, where I couldn't see right.  I was looking at the fabulous "Kirstie Alley" and her eyes looked different!  One eye was smaller than the other and looked disfigured?!  My head was throbbing in felt like it was in a vice!  My eye-balls literally felt like they were going to pop out of my head!  I have had migraines before, so I didn't at first link it to the artificial sweetener.  My husband wasn't having any weird myself.  It clearly wasn't food poisoning and we did eat the same croissant and hash browns.

When I initially became when I was reading.  I couldn't comprehend easy words and one, of the words I can remember now...that I couldn't even say at the time was "consider".  I told my husband right away...maybe I should of went to the ER, but I wanted to see if this would leave my system...or if it did actually give me brain damage?  My family could tell a drastic change in my intelligence!  It felt like I dropped IQ points in no time flat!

I drank diet soda's for years and used artificial sweetener in my coffee. What made this time different than now?  I think my body can't tolerate it anymore!  I researched it more and it's clear this is a Poison, the people of the world are consuming!  The diseases it can give you is mind-blowing!  A list of problems it can give you or mimic them.  Parkinson's Disease, MS, Lyme Disease, Seizures, Migraines, and many more!  I would advise to be very careful so this doesn't happen to you too! I'm very lucky that it reversed itself.

Please share my story!  We need to stand-up by not allowing it to poison ourselves.  The more people know the better we can protect ourselves!  Best thing to do is not use it anymore...

Here's some links below I provided.  I have another blog below I invite you to check out... Thank you and thanks for reading!