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Friday, May 22, 2009


The wind swishes thru the trees dancing in a symphony.

Therapeutic expressions adoring grace has spoken.

Chimes hanging from a vine sprinkle leaves fall all around.

Mountain tops on high reflecting the amazing view of the sky.

Tourists come by gasping in delight, climbing the hillside.

The lord blesses this earth with such beauty.

Let us preserve what is left of our habitat please!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Soul Creations by Spiritwater

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bren Parks

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The Music Of The Universe
Back in the cobwebs of antiquity,
Celestial Wisdom has been stored
within the collective shimmering
of human consciousness.
It's all about the pulse, you know!
The Musica Universa, the heartbeat
of the cosmos, the magnetic waves
and solar winds rushing to and fro
through all the infinitely deep fractal
dimensions, eternally flowing in and out
through Black Holes, from single cells then back
to an immenseness beyond measure,
connecting us all to one another in this
indescribable melee called existence.
We send what you call divine inspiration!
Inner voice and intuition, they are the
concepts that the philosophers
of humankind have installed into
your paradigms in order to
define the voices of
the Gods and the Angels.
To be in tune, whether you be sinner
or saint, is really only
a matter of listening with
an empty mind.....

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The Mysterious Sailing Stones

Monday, May 4, 2009

Shield of Faith

If I awake in the morning, where the sunshine appears thru the curtains.
Warmth from above I encounter from the clouds shimmering my nightgown.
Mystified reactions drawn under a subconscious dream.
I fight for truth of a Warrior’s heart that lives inside of me.
Darkness seeps and turns my dream into a nightmarish tale.
Of unseen forces trying to end my fight I seek the light.
Stairway to heaven; a door with a radiating glow silhouetted in gold.
I am in control and Infuses my soul to keep enduring against the demon-winged enemy.
Now I lay me

Father thank you for protecting me
The lord is with me