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Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Tortoise and Hare Metaphor: Who Actually Wins the Race?

The tortoise and the hare story, I viewed the race between both of them comical. I remember as a child watching cartoons of the slow tortoise and the fast hare battling over whom is going to win the race. It wasn't

 hard to speculate the winner would be or could be. The cheating concept was another form to amuse the audience. The two entertaining characters give an appealing performance to everyone.
Words of the wise can teach anyone regardless of age. The highly intelligent genius minds that some adults possess can be broadened by, a child's mind. A wonderland paradise: is a learning concept in which involves renewing the spirit and mind. In a battle of wits of the smarter verses the weaker, the smarter encounters the boastful side while, the weaker may encounter a feeling of being inferior or the book worm may overcome common sense of reality.

Who is quicker than the other? The tortoise may be slower physically, but with knowledge and wisdom he is able to gain control of the race, since he is blessed with such endowments. He may even become more recognized gaining more of a social network.

If you take your time and not rush to the next goal is less stressful. You're able to have a detailed organized product clarifying your professional qualities.
The hare could receive the golden medal with even more acceptable and the reputation isn't in jeopardy because he has proven once again that he can't be defeated. His different approach where speed and agility promotes success mentally, but could possibly be sloppy with the initial project as an end result. The star athlete can be scouted for colleges.

The un-popular tortoise continues to move forward ignoring the less enthusiastic boo's coming from the crowed attacking his self-esteem. Any challenging experience always rewards the one, whom crosses the finish line first. Sports; has competitive extremes so, it doesn't always bond the team. Some team mates knowing a chance to prove themselves would rather sit on the sidelines because they are more comfortable playing second fiddle. Their anxiety hits a home-run, where fear disadvantages the others opportunity presenting itself.
The tortoise works harder to be considered the honor of equal capacity. The mind; a powerful tool can be exercised for a better performance that anyone can have qualities of the tortoise. The tortoise's, inadequate feelings vanish without a trace or a chance of returning highly unlikely, but not impossible developing back from the dead per say.

The champion breaks through the white ribbon, the crowd screams in disbelief, but easily changes their tone. The tortoise is the winner of the race. His higher learner capabilities are what determined a better future and out-witted the hare by a long distance.