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Monday, October 6, 2014

Yahoo Mail from PETA

Yahoo Mail from PETA

Yesterday, I went through my mail "you got mail", from my yahoo address.  It was from "PETA".
Wishing me a Happy Birthday, along with Thanking me from my on-going support to keep fighting for these precious innocence, that were gifted to us on our planet!  Thank you PETA!!

I will continue to be the activist in which I am...when it comes to the suffering of any animal!  My "Facebook page" is evident of what I continue to fight for.  The Causes to stand against animal experimenting, the cruel torture of monkey's, rabbits, and dogs forced to smoke cigarets and inhale other poisons...yes, they do this! That's not even all...with the make-up you even wear! I'm not able to cover how much torture to babies, that is happening every day!

To Sea World and their cramped tanks of slavery to even Zoo's, that are filthy and starving. The Circuses, that whip Elephants to force them to perform. Their babies being tied down with chains and ripped from their mothers.

People wonder why Animals attack their trainers!?   It's common sense entertainment world! They can't tell you to knock it off and quit hurting them. The only place they belong is in their own habitat!  Elephants trampling humans and Whales killing their trainers and Tigers mauling their Masters...I'm sure there is much more!

This above picture is from a former employee of the Nation's largest Traveling Circus!

Keep signing your petitions! Boycott!  Don't stay silent...they need our voices! Thank you!

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Golden Life: How to Become the Best you Can Be

The Golden Life: How to Become the Best you Can Be

I wanted to start off by thanking everyone from the bottom of my heart! Visiting me here or my other Blog @

Everyone has a voice and the right to be heard. You can become and manifest your dreams and desires! What has helped me through the pain in instead of being negative and throwing that out in the universe...where it hits you like a boomerang and you fall each time.  Just start and becoming positive.  I know it's difficult the obstacles that we face.  It's not a lost cause either...because I'm living proof that I'm happy and positive!
The worst word to use is I can't!  Not only you won't be able to do it...your defeating your own purpose in life. Your putting up invisible barriers around yourself. Yes, they do exist!  The better thing to do is say you can...even positive affirmations can help too.  All you have to do is try and say you can! When you continue to do will start noticing positive changes. You will be transformed and your family and friends will notice too. They will want the same reactions in their world! Your creating positive peace...and a loving flow out wards.  And you will attract the same in response.  Stay away from negativity in every form!  Thanks for viewing!  Good luck will come into
your life!
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The Invisible Killer

The Invisible Killer!  If your like me and have many chronic debilitating illnesses.   I don't want to refer the illnesses as diseases. That would mean to me, that I have given up on finding a cure! (Killer), isn't what it always seems to be.  If it takes you away from having fun and being able to care for yourself! That's a killer that sucks the life out of you!

That's what the illnesses do to me and countless others, whom deal with this every millisecond to every day.  Fibromyalgia, arthritis, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, PTS, cancer, and depression.  Some I wanted to add, but just a few.  I know there's plenty more than what I listed.

I had not even a clue that foods can play a important key element in these illnesses. "What you put into your system the more you get out of it." Very true statement!

I have come across on Facebook a group page that I'm very grateful's called "Foods for Fibromyalgia". If your like me and need supportive people and learn new ways of eating. To end the flares that our bodies produce along with no medication option...this group is for you!

Come by and check it out! We could always need someone to lean on!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Titanic Ghost Letter

Titanic Ghost Letter

I wanted to share this letter to everyone.  I am a Fan of Titanic and as are many other people in the world.  The movie and song were created to give an intimate story, behind the scenes to the tragic loss of the people and this "unsinkable ship".   The fiction replica of this powerful ship in the movie was breathtakingly beautiful.  It gave us a closer look into the sorrow and hardships...that these people may of encountered. The vessel being taken down from smashing into a Iceberg! And to the passing of these incredible people...from steerage to first class passengers.  That night they became equals.  I would like to acknowledge the survivors, deceased, and their families!  God Bless you!  I am so Sorry for your Loss!  Thank you for sharing your story with us!  My deepest sympathies are with you!