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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gettysburg Ghost Story

The year was 1999. I was a general cleaner for a cleaning company at the time. My building was the Gettysburg Bank located on the square. The building consisted of its large, beautiful lobby. The bank had plenty of offices that needed to be cleaned. It was a full-time job. It took eight hours every night to be exact. I was forewarned by the supervisor at the time of strange occurrences that happen in the building. I didn't
feel that was professional of her to tell me. That's a great way to scare someone out of doing the job. I think she was happy with the fact she would rarely have to be in this building since I was taking over it. I wasn't the only cleaner there at the time. Mostly, I was alone, but the floor crew came in to buff the floors and wax. I always liked working alone so I could work at my own pace and not worry about the hassles of co-workers who do gossip behind your back, since they haven't graduated from kindergarten yet and were after your job too. I'm normally a quiet person and would keep to myself. So, of course I was the butt of all jokes. I felt at ease and would rather deal with some dead people then work with the living. My first night there by myself I figured the paranoia had set in. I felt eyes on me the whole time. I just minded my own business and did my job, like, the other jobs I did. If they didn't bother me I wouldn't bother them. On other nights the same thing happened but I didn't excuse the notion these times. I knew I was actually getting checked out by the inhabitors who lived there. I heard noises where I thought, the bank being old, it was only settling. I then started hearing more than the creepy noises. I heard actual foot steps upstairs from a section of offices I was cleaning. I had the upstairs to clean also. The others may have decided not to venture upstairs, but I'm not a cut-the-corners kind of gal. I proceeded upstairs with my vacuum; this was worn on my back. I didn't encounter anything strange, just the feeling of being watched and that was normal in this building.

On the opposite side of the lobby up on a landing were more offices off a smaller version of the lobby. I went for my break to call the area's manager since my old supervisor wasn't working for the company any longer. I told my boss the supplies that were needed and how much I liked
working at the bank. She was relieved to hear this since we find out they couldn't keep help with certain buildings in the Gettysburg area. I hung up the phone in the break room. I was ready to use the restroom when I was shocked to see a presence manifest before my eyes. A young boy of or around eight years old stood in the door way. He looked like he was from a black and white movie. He was in such detail I even remember what he was wearing; a pair of over-hauls. He smiled at me and, with a blink of an eye, he disappeared.