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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nature's Appreciation

Sun danced; The rays melting the snow that has laid.
Spring time morning cheers will soon be heard.
Chirping birds nestled, sweetly singing, are home again.
Resting the spirit until another storm day is present.
Warmer seasons flourish the flowers.
Worker bees hum gathering the pollen

Garden's need attending to fill the stomachs' of our children. Animals graze the fields tasting alfalfa.
Evening yawns approach while, we are cozy in our beds.
Night light stars glow below the heavens.

The Lord's decoration.

The Tortoise and Hare Metaphor: Who Actually Wins the Race?

The tortoise and the hare story, I viewed the race between both of them comical. I remember as a child watching cartoons of the slow tortoise and the fast hare battling over whom is going to win the race. It wasn't

 hard to speculate the winner would be or could be. The cheating concept was another form to amuse the audience. The two entertaining characters give an appealing performance to everyone.
Words of the wise can teach anyone regardless of age. The highly intelligent genius minds that some adults possess can be broadened by, a child's mind. A wonderland paradise: is a learning concept in which involves renewing the spirit and mind. In a battle of wits of the smarter verses the weaker, the smarter encounters the boastful side while, the weaker may encounter a feeling of being inferior or the book worm may overcome common sense of reality.

Who is quicker than the other? The tortoise may be slower physically, but with knowledge and wisdom he is able to gain control of the race, since he is blessed with such endowments. He may even become more recognized gaining more of a social network.

If you take your time and not rush to the next goal is less stressful. You're able to have a detailed organized product clarifying your professional qualities.
The hare could receive the golden medal with even more acceptable and the reputation isn't in jeopardy because he has proven once again that he can't be defeated. His different approach where speed and agility promotes success mentally, but could possibly be sloppy with the initial project as an end result. The star athlete can be scouted for colleges.

The un-popular tortoise continues to move forward ignoring the less enthusiastic boo's coming from the crowed attacking his self-esteem. Any challenging experience always rewards the one, whom crosses the finish line first. Sports; has competitive extremes so, it doesn't always bond the team. Some team mates knowing a chance to prove themselves would rather sit on the sidelines because they are more comfortable playing second fiddle. Their anxiety hits a home-run, where fear disadvantages the others opportunity presenting itself.
The tortoise works harder to be considered the honor of equal capacity. The mind; a powerful tool can be exercised for a better performance that anyone can have qualities of the tortoise. The tortoise's, inadequate feelings vanish without a trace or a chance of returning highly unlikely, but not impossible developing back from the dead per say.

The champion breaks through the white ribbon, the crowd screams in disbelief, but easily changes their tone. The tortoise is the winner of the race. His higher learner capabilities are what determined a better future and out-witted the hare by a long distance.

Encountering a Shark and Almost Becoming Bait: My Story

Traveling with my family in a car for 24 hours can get a little annoying. Well, my father takes turns with my step-mom with driving. His long range saw blade chain saw; slaughtering ear drumming machine can give  anyone a splitting migraine. To this day I can't even handle listening to a snort and a whistling nose at night. I would be out of there. I was stuck in the car. I couldn't escape the nauseating sledge hammering of my brain.
Florida was our destination, but thankfully we stopped at a couple of places. First stop, Jekyll Island, Georgia. It was perfect. I quickly dashed from the car. It must have been the salt in the ocean air because my headache was cleared instantly.

I found that I was a bit bummed because the ocean water was filled with jelly fish. Would you blame a ten year old for being bummed out about this? I figured I wouldn't argue this time especially when a guy wincing in pain with a reddish raw leg hopped past us. The greatest experience about Jekyll was seeing for my first time, dolphins swimming together. My heart sank, maybe one of these days I'll swim with them.
The next morning I was back in the torture chamber. God must have heard my prayers because Daddy had been fully rested up and he stayed awake through the duration to our next stop to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and then it was Orlando, Florida. Finally, we registered in our hotel, and I practically drug my dad to the beach.

My main prerogative was the waves. My favorite, and these were bigger than I thought. I searched the beach to find a vendor rental. Boogie boards! Excellent! My step sister and I rented our boards and took  off into the warm water. Every wave I rode my partner was practically keeping up with me, but finally she was done for and I kept thriving without any rest. It was my father's turn and instead of boogie boarding we fought the waves to get further out. I guess after while my father needed a break too. I knew my step-mom wouldn't be interested. She worshipped the sun mainly.
The next day we went back out again. I tried racing again to enjoy the adrenaline of nature's roller coaster. Unfortunately the parents disapproved they assured me that the ocean wasn't going anywhere. We rented the board and off the same sequence happened as yesterday. My partner exhausted went to rest. My father didn't want to play in the waves this time. I might have been alone, but that wasn't going to deny me any fun.
Instead of using my board I fought the waves and swam out far. A man and a boy were out there too. I twirled in the water, flipped backwards, and floated on my back. I relaxed there I could of slept on top my position and looked back at the beach. An eerie feeling swept over me I turned my head around and my jaw dropped. Something in the distance stood out of the water. I saw the movie, Jaws what kid hasn't I fought the music theme out of my head. I slowly moved backwards like a snail my eyes locked on the target. The fin was facing me so, I was being watched too. I prayed for my life while I drifted further towards shore. My heart in my throat I glanced over my shoulder to see if I was getting closer. I was making progress so, my hope was building. I turned my heart to face the giant before me waiting to devour me at any time. It wasn't there! I didn't know how to be relieved or more worried it could have been circling me by now. I swallowed hard and kept moving slowly like before. I scanned my eyes back and forth making sure I didn't see any more evidence of the predator. It seemed like an eternity, but the waves greeted me again and I was more than happy to meet them again. I made it to the shore-line thanking God for protecting me and promising everything under the sun to him.

A blurry figure was getting closer to me and yelling my name it was my dad. He swore that I was dead and never to do that again. What was I thinking? I told him I wasn't wearing my glasses and I couldn't see I thought they were watching me. I didn't tell him what almost happened to me.
Our family made it to Orlando, Florida. My step sister and I wanted to snorkel so; we went on a shuttle to Typhoon Lagoon. I wasn't sure if I could go through with it, but I was willing to try. I wasn't going to be alone this time. I felt more secure with snorkeling with sting rays and smaller sharks. We arrived at the Lagoon excited to snorkel. When my father looked at me and his eyes followed the red trail of blood running down my leg. I had a small scab on my knee before and I must have bumped it somehow and tore it off. My dad's eyes reflected in horror, "You are not going snorkeling now!"