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Monday, October 6, 2014

Yahoo Mail from PETA

Yahoo Mail from PETA

Yesterday, I went through my mail "you got mail", from my yahoo address.  It was from "PETA".
Wishing me a Happy Birthday, along with Thanking me from my on-going support to keep fighting for these precious innocence, that were gifted to us on our planet!  Thank you PETA!!

I will continue to be the activist in which I am...when it comes to the suffering of any animal!  My "Facebook page" is evident of what I continue to fight for.  The Causes to stand against animal experimenting, the cruel torture of monkey's, rabbits, and dogs forced to smoke cigarets and inhale other poisons...yes, they do this! That's not even all...with the make-up you even wear! I'm not able to cover how much torture to babies, that is happening every day!

To Sea World and their cramped tanks of slavery to even Zoo's, that are filthy and starving. The Circuses, that whip Elephants to force them to perform. Their babies being tied down with chains and ripped from their mothers.

People wonder why Animals attack their trainers!?   It's common sense entertainment world! They can't tell you to knock it off and quit hurting them. The only place they belong is in their own habitat!  Elephants trampling humans and Whales killing their trainers and Tigers mauling their Masters...I'm sure there is much more!

This above picture is from a former employee of the Nation's largest Traveling Circus!

Keep signing your petitions! Boycott!  Don't stay silent...they need our voices! Thank you!